Business Analysis



From eliciting business requirements to implementing a successful solution, Cleartime has the expertise in providing Business Analysis to fulfil business needs. 


Services and deliverables include analysis of current environment, stakeholder engagements, brainstorming sessions, documentation reviews, facilitating workshops, scoping and preparing requirements documents, creating business models, providing future state solution, negotiating sign-offs and assisting Quality Assurance team.

Process Consulting



Having the right business process in place makes all the difference, from high client satisfaction to improved business performance. As businesses evolve, so should processes governing them, thus being able to maintain an effective and efficient business output.


Cleartime helps to map, document and analyze existing business process and workflow systems. Reengineer current process to a desired future state and most importantly, coordinate change management activities relating to process change.

Project Management


Cleartime's project management approach is based on PMBOK standards. Emphasis is placed on Time, Quality, Resource, Budget and Communication.


Services include drafting business cases, project charters, project plans, work breakdown structure, coordinating and facilitating deliverables, project meetings, overseeing implementation and training sessions, thus taking a project from its initiation to end.



Awareness of existing market, emerging trends and an organization's business goal shapes recommendation provided by Cleartime. The Consultant wears multiple thinking hats and uses multidisciplinary approach to create business value.


Deliverables include business plan, case studies, competitor analysis, market study and presentations that can be used by executives to outline their business value proposition to potential clients.